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Natural Stone Products

Faith stone is founded on a base of honesty, sincerity, love and hope, targeting at supplying high quality natural stone products and other related construction and decorative products at a competitive price range, helping to realize design ideas, and at the same time, avoiding the hassle of spending big amount of time and energy to find the right suppliers for different products. If you are looking for any stone products, reliable supplier of stone, if you are thinking how to realize your designs ideas in a variety of products you are in the right place.

For the timeless beauty and elegant nature, natural stones are always admired. They may differ in their sizes, composition, color and texture and this unique feature makes them different from other synthetic stones.

Natural Stone Products are immensely used today. They are comprised of granite, marble and limestone that are incorporates into homes and offices. These products are durable and supported with integrity and longevity features. Hence, they are popularly used by the builders and home owners as well. Natural Stone Products are most commonly used in kitchen countertops, patios, fireplaces and bathroom floors. The sparkling and stunning beauty of these stones amazes everyone.

Wide range of Stone Carving

The art of stone carving has been around since civilization for creating structures, sculptures and buildings using stone. Nowadays, very skilled ways of fitting stones during construction projects and carving blocks of stones have emerged to get the amazing stone pieces. This procedure requires employing a number of professionals following architectural plans for performing their task, especially while working in construction.

Here you can find the widest range of stone products from stone tiles, countertops to moldings and columns, from busts statue to life size sculptures, from water fountains to fireplace mantels, and many other more in wood, wrought iron, glass... We have access to stones carving from different continents on the earth, we can supply you products made out of marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx even basalt. If you have a custom design or even a picture, give us your requirements, we can custom it for you..

Granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone and many other varieties of products are used for carving buildings, statues and monuments. A variety of power and hand tools are used for creating a textured or polished finish. Custom-design facility is also provided by the professionals working in this field..

Why Faith Stone

  • To make your designs to reality, we work with Architects, Interior Designers and Installers. Faith Stone's wide range of products and custom capability can ensure to fabricate the right products without compromising your design ideas. After you get your products, we can also get you installers with very reliable works and prices.
  • To save time, energy and pocket. We target at supplying you high quality stone products at a competitive price range. Also, after years of cooperating with different suppliers from China and all of the world, faith stone has set up its wide data base of suppliers for different products. When you are building a house, a commercial project or remodeling, you probably need many different construction and decoration products. To find a right and reliable supplier will be a good challenge and spending of time and energy. Faith stone can help you to get the right products within the fastest time by contacting only one company or representative. Our quality supplier data base includes suppliers for stone carvings , wrought irons, bronze works, furniture ¡­ and we always keep expanding this data base.
  • To ensure quality and avoid any expensive fixing or rework at jobsite .You want to get what you ordered, to ensure you are able to install it right away when you get it. You don¡¯t want to get something arrives but need you to cut or calibrate it which happens often when you order a custom made products especially from another country. Faith Stone will make sure you get the right products. Faith Stone work with you on drawings and dimensions or auto CAD drawings carefully before place order and also check the entire production process, sending you regular production updates and final check or even pre-assemble the products before shipping if necessary, not only for Faith Stone¡¯s natural stone products , but also for the products that we outsourced for you. We make sure you get what you ordered.
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